October 29, 2023

What do you expect when having your vehicle detailed?

I’m sure you’ll simply say, “Clean.”

There’s more it having your vehicle detailed properly than you think.

First and foremost, a wash and wax is NOT detailing. It is a maintenance service after having the exterior of your vehicle detailed properly. A wash and wax should not be an introductory service, period. It’s a ploy to offer a low price and upsell for what every professional knows is actually needed to be done.

The exterior of your vehicle is loaded full of environmental contaminants, even when new. Those contaminants need removed so that whatever protection is being applied can properly bond to the vehicle’s paint. Without removal, the longevity of the protectant’s bond is heavily effected. Meaning, a 6+ month rated product will not come close to protecting for 6 months, let alone longer.

So how do the contaminants get removed? By using iron, tar, and mineral deposit removal chemicals, along with a clay bar treatment. After this process is completed, either a machine polishing or protection can be applied.

All of the introductory services Flawless offers, except the interior only, include a full decontamination. The wash and decontamination process takes a minimum of 45 minutes.

If your service includes a machine polishing of the paint, that can add a minimum of 1.5 hours to the service. Paint correction services considerably longer.

Now onto wheels. But wait, is it only the wheels? No. It’s the wheels (including the barrels), wheel wells, and tires. This usually takes 20-30 minutes.

This next part, I see as an add on by all too many! The engine bay absolutely should be dialed in, looking fresh. This usually takes 15 minutes, but can take much longer depending on the engine bay.

Now we get to the nitty gritty! The interior!

The floor mats and all pedals should be cleansed and protected with a non slip protectant.

A thorough vacuuming and forced air used in cracks and crevices.

Cloth seats should be cleaned and extracted, no matter how “clean” they are. Our process includes using a light upholstery cleanse and steam extraction. If stains remain, we will address them with our other upholstery cleansers, and leave them at a pH neutral state. The carpets are treated in the same manor.

Leather seats are scrubbed with a leather specific cleanser and conditioned.

All of the plastics in the vehicle are cleansed and have a UV protectant applied. This includes the dashboard, vents, knobs, cubbies, cupholders, side plastics, and door panels.

To the windows! This is a multi step process. First the windows need rolled down a couple of inches and the tops need cleaned. Then they’re rolled up, and gone over again.

Lastly, the door jambs should be looking sparkling! A nice added touch is using a quick detailer to give them a nice shine.

The process on an interior detailing takes approximately two and a half hours.

Expect a detail to take at least 4 hours at minimum. That is not including any machine polishing of the paint. A more thorough service such as a paint correction and coating can take considerably longer, even days.

If you have any questions about this subject, feel free to reach out.



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