August 31, 2023

Supreme Bond Protective Coating System

Ninety Nine Point Inspection and Paint Measurements ​ Thorough inspection of the interior and exterior, which will assist in communicating expectations of service. Notations of various conditions, damages, etc are made. This inspection is emailed to you typically within an hour to hour and half of the service beginning. ​ Hand Wash ​ A thorough multi-step wash using a two bucket wash system to remove dirt and debris from your vehicle’s exterior. Decontamination ​ The vehicle is decontaminated using a clay bar, iron, tar, mineral deposit remover, wax and grease-removing chemicals to ensure the clear coat is as clean as it can be. ​ Wheel and Tire Detailing ​ The vehicle’s wheels are cleaned using dedicated cleaners. The wheels are pre-treated, scrubbed and rinsed with a pressure washer. The tires are dressed with an acrylic dressing to ensure they are durable and last longer. ​ Door Jambs ​ The vehicle’s door jambs are cleaned via our waterless wash and steam. ​ Engine Bay Detailing** ​ The engine bay receives a cleansing using our signature waterless wash and steam. All the plastic in the engine bay is hydrated with a water-based dressing. ​ Paint Enhancement Process*** ​ Machine polishing of the paint to give better than showroom shine. ​ Protective Coating Application Protection applied to paint, trim, and lights (and more) of the vehicle with a professional five year graphene coating. ​ Thorough Final Inspection ​ Every part of the exterior is gone over by two technicians to ensure finished product is tip- top.


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