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You’ve probably heard of the benefits of ceramic coatings in shielding your paint and surfaces from UV rays and road contaminants in northeast Ohio. Perhaps you’re familiar with the effectiveness of automotive paint correction services in improving and restoring your vehicle’s clear coat, eliminating swirls, scratches, nicks, and stains. You might have attempted washing your vehicle’s exterior and tidying up the interior, hoping to achieve the quality offered by a professional car care studio. Trust Flawless Coating & Detailing to bring new life into your car, truck, suv, boat, motorcycle, or motorhome.

Professionally Trained & Certified Specialists

Ceramic Pro Coatings (2016)

International Detailing Association  (2016, 2020)

SPS Coatings  (2019)

Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating  (2020)

Stek Paint Protection Film (2020)

Certified Professional Detailers  (2021)


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long term protection for all of your investments

Getting Your investment Looking Good is Easy Peasy…



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20+ Years Professional Detailing

8+ Years Ceramic Coatings



BMW Ceramic Coating Flawless Coating and Detailing Geneva Ohio

Benefits of our level 3 service:

  1. Trained technicians working their magic
  2. Certified specialists ensuring great results
  3. Makes removing bugs simple and fast
  4. Have a fresh and clean interior
  5. Preservation of the interior

Level 3 Package


Condition of Vehicle Factors Into Pricing. 

Tar, Road Paint, Tree Sap Will Incur Additional Cost

what are the main advantages of a ceramic coating?

With a ceramic coating, you no longer have to wax your investment every few months because our professional coating lasts years. You don’t even need the use of a chamois or drying towel because you can use forced air. Plus ceramic coatings are super resistant to acid rain, will protect your paint, gel coat, and fiberglass like never before, and actually repels water!


  1. Your vehicle will be easier to clean
  2. No more waxing 2-4 times a year
  3. It’s cost effective 
  4. An extra layer of hardened protection
  5. Ceramic coatings repel mud, dirt and water
  6. Keeps your vehicle looking new for years
  7. UV protection to prevent fading and loss of shine
  8. Makes removing bugs simple and fast change
  9. Coating makes cleaning faster and easier

water repels away because of high contact angle

what we ceramic coat and detail

Entrusting these services to a highly skilled and certified detailer is a different experience altogether – and it all begins here at Flawless Coating & Detailing! We proudly serve the Geneva, Ohio area as the go-to installer for top-tier ceramic coatings, a specialist in paint correction, and an expert in interior and exterior auto detailing, always prioritizing quality for your vehicle. Choosing any of these services at our detailing shop is a significant step towards safeguarding and maintaining the integrity of your car, truck, SUV, boat, RV, motor home, or motorcycle both inside and out. We’re thrilled to welcome you to our vehicle care family.


car detailing in Chardon ohio auto detailing Chardon Ohio ceramic coating Chardon ohio


Boat Ceramic Coating Flawless Coating and Detailing Geneva Ohio


Agricultural Ceramic Coating in Geneva, Ohio


Motorcycle Ceramic Coating Flawless Coating and Detailing Geneva Ohio



save 100s on the #1 SELLING ceramic coatING SERVICE

Tesla Ceramic Coating Flawless Coating and Detailing Geneva Ohio

The most extensive exterior ceramic coating protection, period. Perfect for new and slightly used vehicles alike.

Level 4 ceramic service

Condition of Vehicle Factors Into Pricing. 

Tar, Road Paint, Tree Sap Will Incur Additional Cost

sediment suspension ceramic coating

ceramic coating in Ohio flawless coating and detailing
Our sediment suspension coating is much more concentrated because of new technology that allows less solvents to carry the greatness that adheres to your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. This is done so the coating is more durable, chemical resistant, shiny, etc.
Sediment suspension reduces the need of 30-40% of useless additives to keep the the solid in fluid suspension. There is 100% working material in the coating, providing a higher quality product.
The coating has been lab tested, showing spectacular results, but what really matters is what happens in the real world. Our sediment suspension coating has withstood over 250 car washes with no signs of degrading. We’ve personally put it through our own stress testing and it outperformed every product we’ve ever had our hands on.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing defects suchs as scratches, swirls, and damages caused by acid rain, bug guts, tree sap, and more by using a machine polisher, various polishing pads, compounds, and polishes to achieve a new car look and shine.

Paint correction by Flawless Coating and Detailing in Geneva, Ohio

To begin with Flawless Coating & Detailing, take advantage of our complimentary quick quote by completing our quick quote form. Ensure you specify the services you’re interested in, but more importantly, share details about yourself and your investment. These unique characteristics paint the picture of your lifestyle, your specific make and model, and how we can appropriately care for and protect it for your next cruise or daily commute. Additionally, feel free to reach out to Jonathan directly at our Geneva, Ohio detailing shop by calling (440) 428-8012.

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